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The Namu Travel Group is a Central American travel company specializing in personalized, upscale vacations to Costa Rica, Panama, and Nicaragua. The Namu family includes the following brands:

At Namu, travel defines a way of life. The 80-person team consists of globetrotters come from all corners of the world. Collectively, they have explored every nook and cranny of Central America. They know these destinations inside and out, in a way only locals can. Every hotel, tour, and experience is personally inspected on a frequent basis, and the team only recommends the ones they truly love.

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      • Boutique Costa Rica by Matt Bel, published at Bucks Life Magazine, Issue 36 (p.40-41), Dec 2014 - Jan 2015 Boutique Costa Rica by Matt Bel, published at Bucks Life Magazine, Issue 36 (p.40-41), Dec 2014 - Jan 2015
      • Paradise Lost by Matt Bel, published at Bucks Life Magazine, Issue 36 (p.42-43), Dec 2014 - Jan 2015 Paradise Lost by Matt Bel, published at Bucks Life Magazine, Issue 36 (p.42-43), Dec 2014 - Jan 2015

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The Namu Travel Group uses their expert, local knowledge and insider information to create inspired travel experiences. The goal is simple: for every client to return home with an incredible story.


Unmatched Local Knowledge—With 25 full-time Vacation Planners living IN Central America, the organization has over 100 years of collective experience exploring, living and working in the destinations they offer.

Outstanding, 24/7 Customer Service—The Namu Travel team is available any time a client needs them for any reason. Given they are local and have been in the business for over15 years, not only do they know most of the owners and managers of their core hotel partners, they are also close friends – allowing them to focus on the client experience (ie. special amenities, free upgrades, immediate resolution of any problem or issue, etc.).

Highly Customized Itineraries—Namu Travel doesn’t offer “cookie cutter” trips. Every single vacation is personalized to the specific tastes of the customer, or what the company calls the client’s “travel personality”.

An Unmatched Service Guarantee—Namu Travel’s commitment is to deliver clients the vacation of a lifetime – one that is full of fantastic memories and stories they will be recounting for years. If a client runs into any issues during their vacation, Namu Travel guarantees they will be resolved to the best of their ability within 24 hours. If they fail to meet this commitment, the client will receive a full refund for the specific items with which they weren’t satisfied.

Expedited Customs and Immigration Service—Rather than meet clients in the public area after exiting Customs, the Namu Travel team meets them at the terminal (gate) as they get off the plane. Clients are taken right to the front of the Customs line and then linked up with their private driver. Currently only offered in Costa Rica, the company hopes to roll the service out to all locations soon.

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