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We plan custom, upscale vacation experiences to unique destinations in Central America & beyond.  Fast, professional agents with decades of on-the-ground experience. 

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We're Selective About What We Sell

We work with far fewer providers than most agencies.  We carefully hone-in on a 'core group' of excellent hotels and guides that we know will enhance our client experiences.  We're in a unique position to do this as we meet with our partners face to face every week. 

Local, Local, Local

Local, Local, Local

Most of our employees live in Central America. We're better trained and visit properties more frequently.  This allows us to deliver unique, experiential-based bespoke itineraries that combine a sense of adventure during the day and luxury in the evening.

On Call 24/7

On Call 24/7

Not sure who else in the industry does this.  We staff an 8 team member department dedicated only to communicating with in-country clients.  There is rarely an issue we can't fix within 90 minutes.



The Namu Travel Group is a network of luxury travel agencies. The Central America based travel agents who work throughout our network are highly experienced and well trained to provide our clients with unique experiences they simply could not find through other service providers. We are based in Central America and our passion for the region goes far beyond our travel agency.

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