Our Story


How we started

Namu Travel Group is a Central America-based travel company specializing in luxury, boutique vacations to Central America and South America.

It was founded in 1999 when two twenty-something expats in Costa Rica connected through a 'roommate wanted' ad.

Living in Costa Rica, they found themselves giving friends and family personalized travel recommendations in the country. From there, Costa Rican Vacations was born and soon became the most successful online travel agency in Costa Rica.

Over the years, the company began offering services in other countries around Central America, and thus Namu Travel came into being as an umbrella brand to hold everything together and identify itself.

The Namu family encompasses the following brands: Costa Rican Vacations, Panama Vacations, Nicaragua Vacations, Fishing Vacations, and Centralamerica.com (our regional information site).



What “Namu” means

Our name, Namu, holds a special meaning as it signifies "jaguar" in the Bribri language—a sacred animal in Costa Rica and Latin America.
The Bribri, one of the country's largest indigenous groups, reside in the Talamanca Mountains of Costa Rica and Panama.


Who We Are

Our tribe hails from all over the world and know their way around the region like locals. Travel isn't only our profession—it's also our passion, our way of life. We understand what it feels like to visit a country for the first time and strive to help our guests, with our intimate knowledge of the region, as only locals can.

Rob Harper
After growing up in Atlanta & earning a degree from UGA, I made the life-changing decision to relocate to Central America. My enthusiasm for both entrepreneurship & globetrotting led me to become one of the founding members of Namu Travel.
Justin DeBoom
Business Development Director
My initial visit to Costa Rica from my home state of Florida was in 2004. Following my inaugural experience, I began revisiting this beautiful country multiple times annually. I now reside full time in Jaco with my young family.
Megan McCoy
Business Development Sales Manager
I fell in love with Central America after living in Costa Rica and traveling to all of the surrounding countries. In my past experience as a travel advisor, I relied on Namu, and this led me to join the tribe to share my passion for Central America.
Sergio Heinfling
Sales Consultant
I have been selling Central America for 20+ years. I live in San Jose Costa Rica with my wife and two kids. My favorite all-time experiences: a meal at the nest at Pacuare Lodge & snorkeling the second largest coral reef in the world in Belize.
Leigh Ann Cloutier
Sales Consultant
After years of being an advisor, then owning my own Costa Rican tour company, I joined Namu's tribe. I’ve been curating Central America trips for over two decades. Although I reside in Texas, the destinations we sell call me back every year.
Daisy Matarrita
Sales Consultant
Being born and raised in Costa Rica turned into a passion for travel that came effortlessly to me. I am a travel enthusiast and a designer of dreams & adventures. When not traveling, I spend most of my time with my family and friends.
Silvia Mattio
Sales Consultant
After of 23 year living in Costa Rica, marrying a Costa Rican native, and raising two kids, I moved back to Argentina where I was born. I have had over 20+ years of creating travel adventures for clients.
Diana Torres
Sales Consultant
Born and raised in Colombia, I came to live 23 years ago in beautiful Costa Rica. This country gave me the opportunity to fall in love with the tourism industry, an area in which I have worked for the last 10 years
Leonardo Cascante
Sales Consultant
I am a native Costa Rican, born and raised in this beautiful country. My biggest passion is to discover and explore new areas, cultures, and experiences and that’s why I love what I do as a Travel Consultant.
Alex Gonzalez
Sales Consultant
Hailing from Nicaragua and attending University in Costa Rica, I have had the privilege of refining my skills in hospitality management in the U.S. My journey reflects a passion for travel, cultural richness, and a drive for excellence.
Giovanni Ramirez
Sales Consultant
Proudly born in Costa Rica, I have dedicated myself for many years to the tourism industry. My passion for the travel hospitality industry fills me with the satisfaction of being able to share my knowledge of our destinations.
Carlos Kuesel
Partner Services Department
Born in Wisconsin to an American father and Costa Rican mother, my family moved to Costa Rica when I was 7 years old. I have traveled throughout Central America and I consider myself an avid traveler who likes to discover new places.


Our Esteemed Affiliates

We take pride in collaborating with a curated selection of travel and hospitality experts who share our commitment to excellence. Together, we bring you seamless experiences that blend luxury, authenticity, and exploration.


Unforgettable Stories

As a Central America-based company, we see this region as "home," not just another destination. We strive to contribute to society here and create a deeper understanding of Central America's people and customs. It's that important to us, and ensuring you have a perfect visit goes far to achieve that goal.

Therefore, we offer a level of service that aims to more than satisfy all our guests, no matter where they're traveling to in Central America.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that each guest returns home with unforgettable stories to cherish about their vacation in Central America and beyond.

“I had an amazing experience with Namu Travel Group. They planned a custom vacation for me and it exceeded all my expectations!”
A girl smiling

Mary Doe

CEO, ABC Company

“I had an amazing experience with Namu Travel Group. They planned a custom vacation for me and it exceeded all my expectations.”
A girl smiling

Mary Doe

CEO, ABC Company

“I had an amazing experience with Namu Travel Group. They planned a custom vacation for me and it exceeded all my expectations.”
A girl smiling

Mary Doe

CEO, ABC Company

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