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The Namu Travel Group is a Central American travel company specializing in personalized, boutique vacations to Costa Rica, Panama, and Nicaragua. The Namu family consists of the following brands; Costa Rican Vacations, Panama Vacations, Nicaragua Vacations, and Fishing Vacations.

Our name, Namu, is Bribri for “jaguar,” one of Costa Rica’s (and Latin America’s) most sacred animals. The Bribri are today one of the nation’s largest indigenous tribes, residing in the Talamanca Mountains near Puerto Viejo and Cahuita.

At the Namu Travel Group, travel defines our very lives. Our staff of globetrotters come from all corners of the world and have explored every nook and cranny of Central America. Travel is our passion and our job, and we evaluate every hotel and tour with this two-fold approach. We know what it’s like to visit for the first time, and we also know every destination inside and out, as only locals can. We vet every experience and only recommend the ones we love – the places we wish we could visit again and again.

The Namu Travel Group marries our passion for travel and local expertise. We use our expert knowledge and insider information to curate true travel experiences. Our goal is that every client goes home with a story.

As we are based in Central America, we strive to be a part of society and contribute to and understand the people and customs here. Blending this experience with our North American roots, we offer a level of service and commitment to our customers that they will recognize and be extremely happy with.

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