Costa Rica

Tucked between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, Costa Rica is the most well known and developed of Central American countries. Savvy tourists are undeterred. Here are the reasons why.



Tucked between Mexico, Guatemala, and the Caribbean Sea is the tiny country of Belize. As Central America’s only official English-speaking country and still formally part of the British Empire, Belize has more in common culturally with Caribbean islands like Jamaica and Barbados than its immediate neighbors.



Not so long ago, one might be considered ‘overly intrepid’ in visiting Colombia. If there was ever a country where the word “dangerous” would describe the state of affairs, it was Colombia. This is the case no longer. The violence and chaos that plagued Colombia is a thing of the past as this beautiful South American country looks firmly to the future.



The southernmost country in Central America, Panama is a thriving destination bridging North and South America and the first Central American nation to gain true first-world status. Unlike its neighbors, Panama’s capital city is the only major cosmopolitan hub one must visit. Combining this first-world vibe with the country’s emphasis on history, tradition and culture makes this a vacation experience unlike any other in Central America.



Often referred to as the “Land of Eternal Spring” Guatemala is arguably the most magical destination in Central America. The highlands of this Central American country offer perhaps the best climate in the region, a consistent year-round blessing of warm weather and sunshine, tempered by mountain breezes.



The largest country in Central America, Nicaragua boasts two, long, tremendously stunning coast lines with incredible tourism diversity in between. In recent years the ‘Land of Lakes and Volcanoes’ has seen an increase in visitors attracted to Nicaragua’s colonial towns, unique islands, and friendly people.

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