Destination: Panama



The southernmost country in Central America, Panama is a thriving destination bridging North and South America and the first Central American nation to gain true first-world status. Unlike its neighbors, Panama’s capital city is the only major cosmopolitan hub one must visit. Combining this first-world vibe with the country’s emphasis on history, tradition and culture makes this a vacation experience unlike any other in Central America.

Like a new world Singapore, Panama City is a financial and economic hub with gleaming skyscrapers and a confident air. The Panama Canal passes right through the city and links the Pacific to the Atlantic. This is a rare and unique glimpse into the history of the United States in the region,where it completed construction of the original Canal in 1914.

The oldest European settlement in all of the Americas Panama City’s 500 year history is unique and the architectural remnants of its various ‘old towns’ are a sight to see. Casco Viejo in particular, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is similar to Cartagena, Colombia in style and feel. Combining this with the city’s modern skyline, its thriving dining and music scene, 5 star hotels along with the primary rainforest just 10 minutes north of the city center makes Panama City a place where one can enjoy a 2 hour tour and imagine they are in 4 different countries.

Combining a vacation to Panama’s capital with its coffee highlands (we love Boquete in particular), it’s extensive network of beaches and islands and exploring the thriving indigenous cultures living here make this experiential destination a must-see.

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