Custom-Built Itineraries for Costa Rica, Belize, Colombia, Panama, Guatemala, Nicaragua

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Custom itineraries for luxury travelers that go beyond your expectations....

The Namu Travel Group is a luxury travel group handling vacations to Costa Rica, Panama, and Nicaragua. With 18 years of experience and well established partnerships throughout Central America, we deliver more than 3,000 unique trips annually, both to direct clients and through other travel agents that seek our expertise and in-country knowledge.

Whether you are looking for cross-country or one destination trips for your clients, we provide an unmatched service that will fulfill the needs and wants of any traveler. Find exclusivity, privacy, and everything from relaxation to adventure delivered as a complete package.

Our highly-customized vacations always carry a uniquely-local theme. As a practice, one-size-fits-all packages are something that we simply DO NOT offer. Servicing other travel agencies that share the similar mindset of personalized trips is a growing part of our business. We have a well-developed compensation program for you, AND a number of benefits for your clients.

How we can help YOU

We're Picky

We're Selective About What We Sell

We work with far fewer providers than most agencies.  We carefully hone-in on a 'core group' of excellent hotels and guides that we know will enhance our client experiences.  We're in a unique position to do this as we meet with our partners face to face every week. 

Local, Local, Local

Local, Local, Local

Most of our employees live in Central America. We're better trained and visit properties more frequently.  This allows us to deliver unique, experiential-based bespoke itineraries that combine a sense of adventure during the day and luxury in the evening.

On Call 24/7

On Call 24/7

Not sure who else in the industry does this.  We staff an 8 team member department dedicated only to communicating with in-country clients.  There is rarely an issue we can't fix within 90 minutes.

How Does It Work?

Step One

Get a free, personalized quote for your client

Give us the details of your client's trip... Jump on a call with our expert Vacation Planners, and he'll provide you with an array of exciting options.

Step Two

Customize the itinerary

Go back and forth about the itinerary with him until your client is completely satisfied with the outlined trip. Our interactive itineraries allow customizing even the most complicated of vacations on the same day and offer clients the best insight into what each property is like.

Step Three

It's time to book the reservation...

Once your client is satisfied, they can make the initial payment online and we'll take care of the reservations. We'll also give you all the guidance and tips to help your client pack and prepare for the trip.

Step Four

... and you're all set. We guarantee it!

You can relax and your client can enjoy their vacation. We'll be taking good care of them, checking in while on vacation to make sure they are having a great time. 


  • Central American-based agency

  • Firsthand knowledge of each area and partner

  • Streamlined booking process

  • Visually appealing itineraries available on the same day of the inquiry

  • Commission already included in quoted pricing

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for the client

What Our Clients Say

Stress-Free Vacations for Your Clients, Less Work for You, No Extra Fees

Custom itineraries for luxury travelers that go beyond your expectations....

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