Destination: Costa Rica


Costa Rica

Tucked between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, Costa Rica is the most well known and developed of Central American countries. Savvy tourists are undeterred. Here are the reasons why.

Long known as the country that put the “eco” into “ecotourism, Costa Rica applied itself to education, healthcare, and sustainability long before its Central American neighbors. With 25 percent of its territory protected as national park or reserve, Costa Rica is a major center for naturalists, beach lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, adventure seekers and others.

This tropical paradise offers a different form of vacation from the general resort-type experience found elsewhere in the region. For the active vacationers the country’s jungle trekking, volcano hiking, river rafting, kayaking, and surfing are an incredible part of what makes this small country unique. For the romantics, couples and those simply desiring to unplug, world-class spas, incredible thermal hot springs and beautiful palm-lined beaches await.

Please contact us for more information on planning the trip of a lifetime to Costa Rica. With the words “Pura Vida” (pure life) as its unofficial motto, this unique destination captures both the heart and the imagination.

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